Since 1983, ENTES has been in the forefront of the various digital meter instruments and protection relays, and current products are

exported to more than 35 countries.  ENTES is an OEM partner for many leading industrial companies all around the world.


Westech supplies ;

        - Digital Power Network Analysers, Digital Multimeters, Digital Energy Counters

        - Client/Server Remote Monitoring Software, Communication Converters

        - Reactive Power Controllers, Ammeters, Voltameters, Cosφ Meter, Frequency Meter

        - Overcurrent Protection Relays, Phase Failue Relays, Current Monitoring Relays, Voltage Monitoring Relays

        - Phase Sequence Relays, Frequency Relays, Thermistor Relays

        - Digital Astronomic Photocell Relays,  Tme Relays and Liquid Level Controllers 

        - LV Power Capacitors, LV Current Transformers, Voltage & Current Transducers


For more information on any of  these products, give us an email and we will discuss with you for products specifications,

your  specific applications and prices.


ENTES Products

  Digital Power Network Analysers  (Back-light LCD type)

  MPR-63 series are designed for measuring all electrical parameters including up to 31th harmonic for current and voltage separately.

  Additionally 15,000 records of Data logging function and Digital In/Outputs connection is provided.

  MPR-52S has network analyzer functions with THD measurement, RS485 (MODBUS) port and Alarm contact output.

  More on the MPR-63 / MPR-52 series



  Digital Power Network Analysers  (LED type)

  MPR-53CS is designed for measuring more than 50 electrical parameters with THD, Pulse counters, Digital hour counter,

  Digital inputs, Alarm contact outputs and RS485 (MODBUS) port.

  EPM-07S has network analyzer functions with  Pulse counters, Digital inputs, Alarm contacts and RS485 (MODBUS) port.

  More on the MPR-53CS / MPR-07S series             More on the Digital Multimeters            Data Sheet of Energy Counters



  Power Factor Controllers

  RG3-12CS is ultimate solution for compensation of single-phase and 3-phase unbalanced load including with measument of

  electrical parameters, 19th harmonic, THD, 12 capacitor steps and RS485(MODBUS) port.  RG3-12CS provides alarm contacts of

  Harmonic, Over Heat Protection, Proper Capacitors, Wrong Connection, Insufficient Compensation, Over Voltage and Over

  Compensation.   RG-8BS has same functions with RG3-12CS but for single phase with 8 capacitor steps.

  More on the Power Factor Controllers



  MPR-SW2.0 / SW2.5 Analyser Monitoring Software

  MPR-SW is monitoring and recording the electrical parameters on HMI PC via Internet / Intranet.   It provides front panel  

  simulation, so operator could monitor and set the parameters remotely just like standing in front of the local power analyzers.

  MPR-SW Analyser Monitoring Software

  ENTBUS Plus V3.0, Remote Monitoring Software

  ENTBUS is developed to monitor all ENTES devices and 3rd party powermeter/analysers, water/gas meters with pulse outputs

  via internet. Thus, ENTBUS enables to user to inspect power quality, to save energy and to monitor data from different locations

  in the world.    ENTBUS Software


  Communication Protocol Converters,  GPRS/Modbus Gateway

  EMG-02, EMG-12 series are RS485-USB Gateway used for internet (WAN) / intranet (LAN) monitoring via TCP/IP protocol for the

  devices  which use MODBUS serial via RS-485.  RS-USB2 is RS485 / USB converter for communicating PC, and RPT-1 is RS-485

  to RS-485 repeater.  GEM-10 is GPRS/Modbus Gateway that communicate with Modbus over GPRS or Ethernet network.

  GEM-10SH has the same feature of GEM-10 but can read meters, which support IEC 62056-61Object identification system (OBIS)

  protocol by using its serial port. GEM-15 modem RTU is a modem with advanced I/O features and it can use GPRS or Ethernet infrastructure as a redundancy for each other.   Communication Protocol Converters, GPRS/Modbus Gateway


  Digital Voltmeters

  EVM-3 / EVM-R3 measure AC voltage value and record the max. and min. values of the measured voltages.  Max. and min. values

  remain stored in the memory even the power supply is OFF.

  EVM-3S / EVM-R3S measure 3-phase AC voltage and record the max. and min. values of the measured voltages.

  EVM-3C / R3C have additional function of which an over voltage alarm level and time delay can be set.

  Digital Voltmeters,   Multimeters,  DC Voltmeter


  Digital Ammeters

  EPM / EPM-R series measure AC current  and save demand values.  Demand values are stored in the memory even the power

  supply is OFF.  Current transformer CT-25 is included in EPM-4A models as standard.

  Digital Ammeters,  DC Ammeter


  Digital Cosφ Meter, Digital Frequency Meter

  ECR-3 measures Cosφ of power network and EFC-3 measures frequency of the network.Meter, Frequency Meter

  ECR-3 and EFC-3



  LV (Low Voltage) Power Capacitors

  ENT.C series of LV Power Capacitors is 400V, 10~30kVAR, and it has long life expectancy 130,000 hours providing self healing,

  smaller dimensions and lower dielectric losses.

  LV Power Capacitors


ENT.C series

  Protection Relays


  Overcurrent Protection Relays (OCR / OCGR)                                                          

  CKR series / CKS-03 are Overcurrent Protection Relays based on micro-processor and combine both invese time and independent

  time relays in one unit.  

       Applied standard

        - CKR series : IEC 60255-3 / IEC 62255-6 / IEC 529

        - CKS series : IEC 60255-3 / IEC 62255-6 / IEC60870-5 / IEC 60529


  Phase Failure Relays (POR / THR)                                                                               MKS and MKC series

  MKS / MKC series is to protect from overheating and demaging of 3-phase motors due to the phase failure of which one of the

  common fault faced in industrial plants.


  Current Monitoring Relays                                                                                            AKC series

  AKC series measure the current of motors of protected systems and turn OFF it when measured current is above / below the

  adjusted level.


  Voltage Monitoring Relays                                                                                            GKR series

  GKR series, under / over voltage monitoring relays are designed to protect single or three phase systems from voltage variations

  and phase sequence failure.









  Digital Time Relays

  Up to 16 models are lined up for various usage of sequence control circuits.

  Digital Time Relays


Digital Timers

  Digital Astronomic Photocell Relays / Electronic Time Relay

  DTR-14 is a sun digital astronomic photocell relay which switches ON/OFF by Sunrise / Sunset and/or Determined Time Interval

  and/or Photocell sensor.  It has 18 different program options and has 2 output contacts.

  The feature of DTR-14 is calculation of sunreise and sunset times according to programmable location, time zone and summer

  time/winter time information.

 DTR-10 is sensorless Astronomic timer having 18 programs, and MCB-50 is sensorless Weekly timer having 20 programs.

  Data Sheet



  Current / Voltage Transducers

  TA-111 / TA-112 current transducer and TV-111 voltage trnasducer is self-powered, supply voltage is not applied.

  Current / Voltage Transducers



  LV Current Transformers

  Wide range of ENT series Current transformers is lined up from 5 Amp to 5,000 Amp of primary current.

  LV Current Transformers

ENT series

 Liquid Level Controller

  SSRC-04 is commonly used for the level and discharge control of conductive liquids in tanks located in industrial plants and domestic

  applications. The sensitivity (i.e., impedance between electrods) can be adjusted to 5-50kOhm for different liquids by means of the

  knob on the front panel.  LLS-01 / 02 is electrod of liquid level relay.

  Liquid Level Controller


  Digital Energy Counter (Watt Hour Meter)      new

  Model ES-32L and ES-80L measures the active watt hour consumption directly and error free in

  single phase systems ans it shows the total watt hour consumption having 7 digits.

  Data Sheet of model ES-32L      Data Sheet of model ES-80L 

ES-32L / 80L

  DC 12V/24V Power Supply      new

  PS series power supplies provide a DC output voltage without any ripples. It permits wide range input voltage range such as 

  85-265Vac or 110-350Vdc power source. Provides overload, overheating and output short circuit protection, and Class 2 enclosure.

  PS series

PS series

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